Best Practices to make a pre-lit Christmas tree last longer

Best Practices to make a pre-lit Christmas tree last longer

The whole Christmas holidays traditionally lasts for less than 4 weeks. Once Christmas is over, its time to pack up. Properly storing your pre-lit Christmas tree is an essential part of keeping it fresh and good-looking for a more extended period. When not correctly stored, artificial trees and their decorations can become damaged. This can be quite frustrating, especially because you would have to get a new one for the next holiday.

Here, you would find 6 best practices to ensure that your pre-lit Christmas tree lasts longer:

1. Warranty

Before purchasing an artificial tree, you must ensure that it has a warranty. A tree’s warranty says much about its material quality and expected usage span. While some companies short term warranty of 3 to 5 years, we advise that you go for trees with a much more extended warranty of 7 to 10 years.

2. Scan for burnouts

For pre-lit Christmas trees, you must conduct a quick scan of the lights and decorations. Once you find some burnouts, you can easily replace them before the next holiday. Also, trees with LED lights tend to last longer as they have a lower risk of burning out.

3. Dismantle

Most artificial trees come in 3 different parts. Do not store your tree stacked up. Take it down by dissembling it from the top to the bottom. Carefully unplug each section from the other to avoid damages.

After dismantling, fold in the branches of your tree carefully and slowly.

4. Do not store it in a box!

Many people make the mistake of storing their artificial trees back in the box it came in. Since the tree would be staying in there for 11 months and a few weeks, you might want to consider a safer option; like a storage bag.

5. Great storage location

Store your tree in a cool, dry, and clean environment. Avoid storing in environments that are prone to pests, sunlight, moisture, and unregulated temperature. A dry basement or a closet would do just fine.

Finally, avoid stacking things on your tree. With these, your pre-lit Christmas tree should last much longer than envisaged.

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