“All around the world, a celebration of the birth of Christ is universally accepted” This statement is completely false.

Some countries in the world frown at the worship of Christ and the entire doctrines of Christianity. These countries do not see the celebration of Christmas as anything right. In fact, such celebrations are seen as a crime in these countries. 

It is not only that these countries do not accept the Christmas celebration, but they term such festive season as illegal and anyone who errs is treated as a criminal. I will be giving a list of five of these countries 

  • North Korea

In this part of the world, there is nothing like Christmas and this celebration is completely banned. Anyone caught celebrating Christmas or practicing Christianity is taken in as an offender.

  • Saudi Arabia 

This country is a completely set aside Muslim community and they have no such community of Christians at all. This season completely seems like a crime in this Arabian country. The few Christian households around celebrate their own Christmas secretly. 

  • Somalia

This is another nation on the continent of Africa where the practice of Christmas is not embraced. Six years after the country adopted the Sharia law, there was a decree to ban Christianity and the celebration of Christmas. You do not want to be caught celebrating Christmas in such a country like Somalia.

  • Tajikistan

In 2015, there was a decree by the ministry of education in the former Soviet Republic to the effect of placing a ban on Christmas as it is now seen as a crime in that part of the world. It is impossible to publicly display Christmas celebrations in this part of the world. 

  • Brunei

On an oil-rich island, somewhere in Southeast Asia, this festive season of Christmas is frowned at. With a jail term of five years and a fine of $20,000, there is a highly pronounced ban on Christianity as well as Christmas in this country. 

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