The staircase can look better with an artificial Christmas garland- explore some ideas.

The staircase can look better with an artificial Christmas garland- explore some ideas.

Garlands are special. You can turn and twist them until you have that garland precisely the way you want it. As you decorate your living room, your front door, the hallway, the bedroom, the fireplace, you definitely shouldn’t leave out the staircase. There is so much transformation you can affect on your staircase with a beautiful piece of artificial Christmas garland. Here are a few ways you can make that happen. 

1. Snow dusting

        Imagine your stairs covered in snow, well, bits of snow. Your staircase would look more beautiful with a frosted garland. Once it is frosted, lay your wreath out on the stairs shaping it any way you prefer. You could put them on the railings or allow them to drop down to the floor. The outcome would be quite magical.

2. Complement your existing decor

       Your artificial Christmas garland could be the final piece you need for your interior decoration. You could attach ribbons that come in colors that are complimentary with your walls, your chairs, and some other decorative pieces. 

3. Use an all green garland

     You could decide to leave the color mixing aside and go all green with your garland. Place that garland along your staircase. You should note that the heavier it is, the more dramatic. You could decide to go mild with the density or dense. Either way, your staircase would look beautiful. 

4. Use prelit garlands

     Who says your staircase cannot glitter? You could add some glitz and glamour to your staircase with some prelit garlands. Be careful enough to pay close attention to the precautions. 

5. Use ornaments 

       Some ornaments on your garland would make a huge difference. Berries, balls, and bells would all look good on that garland. The array of colors is sure to transform your staircase. 

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