3 Methods for Cleaning your Artificial Christmas Tree

3 Methods for Cleaning your Artificial Christmas Tree

Everything gets dirty, despite our best intentions, many times our artificial Christmas trees are one of those items that get dirty from year to year. Most people are surprised at just how dirty these trees can get since they are usually in a bag or the original box in which they arrived in. However, for those who are looking to make sure that their tree looks its best, they may have to take some time to clean this before decorating it.

There are 3 methods that people use to clean their tree and we are going to take a look at each and every one of these. 

  1. Using a vacuum to get the dust and debris off of their tree limbs. With this method, they often use the hand tools that come with their vacuum to get the dust and debris off of the tree and the tree looking great. This is an option for those who have a less powerful vacuum. But, they will find that a super powerful vacuum could damage the tree. A small handheld dustbuster is a great option when cleaning this way.
  2. They sit this tree outside on their patio or porch and let mother nature take care of the dust. They often do this when it is a bright and sunny day with a breeze that was blowing. The wind can remove the dirt and dust and then they can bring this inside to enjoy. This is an option, but remember, if the wind is too strong, this could end up damaging your tree if it were to blow over and hit something else. 
  3. The other option is to use a feather duster or a dust sheet to remove the dust. You gently wipe the branches down and the dust is going to attach to the product you are using. This may be a bit more time consuming as you are going to have to wipe down each branch, but in the long run, it could be much safer for your tree as you are going to avoid doing it damage. 

For those who need to do a little light cleaning on their artificial Christmas tree, know that this is something that should be pretty easy and not require a deep cleaning, as long as you have stored this properly while it wasn’t in use. The method you use should be the one that is best for your artificial Christmas tree.

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